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Weight Control


Let us help you with getting your weight under control! First, we want to direct our attention to how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle before anything! We also would like to point out that fajas are not necessary for weight loss, but the best partner along the weight-loss journey.

Undergarments/fajas are a fantastic way to stay motivated. Due to high compression from the faja it compresses your stomach, which tends to make you feel fuller faster. While they help you control your appetite, they also give you a boost on your workouts by creating heat to burn fat faster.

As you are losing weight it will help to create less friction to help with holding loose skin. Without a doubt you will see a big difference right away!

Even though we recommend wearing your faja at least two hours a day during your first few months, fajas aren’t meant to be used for the long term. Fajas are and should be a short-term fix or helper for your weight loss journey. Pay attention to your body and quit using your faja if you feel any discomfort.


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