About us

About us

ShapEager® Collections Corp founded in 2005 offers new revelations for those who “shapes’ matter. Our top-quality products interpret women’s most demanding tastes.

It’s a must wear bodysuits, mid-thighs, shorts, capris, and camis from ShapEager® body-shapers. In fact, "to see is to believe", come and visit us… you’ll be surprised and exited to find what perfectly meets your shapewear needs. The experience you’ll live is as a result of listening thousands of suggestions and comments from silhouette-passionate customers worldwide.

Shapewear sizing is a real issue that brings frustration to many women and men also. Because of that we have investigated and keep searching the perfect balance between fabric compression, expanding capabilities, and perfect fit.

ShapEager® is an international famous independent brand registered worldwide. We are committed to meet women’s different requirements of romance, fashion, sexy and the pursuits of body shape in different styles and for special occasions.

ShapEager® enable women to show figures perfectly!

ShapEager® have become a top-rated seller in the Amazon and major U.S. marketplaces. Always in search of excellence our websites are the meeting point for highly-demanding clients aiming at looking great by wearing the best valuable products.

Partnering with trusted logistic service providers we cover B2B and B2C markets particularly those serving final consumers, retailers, and drop-shipping merchants. At this time we are focused on the coverage of demand in the entire American territories including overseas and remote military locations. Indeed, we feel proud to honor members of the U.S. military wherever they are in the world at the cost of a local shipment.

Finally, we feel delighted to have been nominated by New Concept Distributor the exclusive representative of the TECNOMED products in the Amazon Marketplace as well as in similar online marketplaces where we could open path for this famous brand and products.

As the proverb says, "one example will suffice to prove it"; thus, look into our strict and reliable privacy policy and not to mention our friendly, hassle-free, and zero-cost return policy.

ShapEager® is conceived to meet your satisfaction!